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The winery was previously known as Weingut Dr. Siemens.

The formerly Prussian estate completed in 1898 with its landmarked chateau-character towering high above the Saar river possesses two steep slate vineyards – the Serriger Herrenberg and Serriger Würtzberg. We currently cultivate 16.5 hectares, 11 of which are Riesling, 3 Pinot Blanc, 1 Pinot Noir and 1.5 Auxerrois.

Individual, authentic wines can only be produced from selected vineyards through a great deal of manual labor. Highest focus on quality and environmentally friendly winemaking, including organic fertilization, winter pruning and selective hand-picking in our steep slate slops, are aimed at producing elegant Saar wines.

Once harvested, all grapes are placed on a sorting table where well-trained staff manually remove any substandard grapes to ensure the highest level of quality. The grapes that pass our rigorous quality control are then gently pressed. The fresh must flows into the 2-storey cellar where it is pre-clarified through natural sedimentation. The intended style determines the choice of container – either wooden barrels or stainless steel tanks. Spontaneous fermentation with natural yeast flora ensures the creation of especially distinguished and authentic wines. We like to call this kind of winemaking “controlled idleness”. The wine is then swiftly bottled in order to preserve freshness and allow the aging process in the bottle.

Vacation Rental

At our winery we also have a vacation rental that sleeps 4 people. The home is fully equipped with a kitchen, open living space, a bedroom and a open-spaced bedroom. Heating is done with a traditional fire place. No central heating and wifi in the vacation home. Please refer to the airbnb listing for details. You can either book via airbnb or private via e-mail.

Live Weather station

With our live weather station from Davis Instruments everyone can follow and view the latest weather in Serrig. The station from Davis Instruments is situated at the south side of the estate.

The station measures

Temperature in °C

Wind in km/h

Humidity in %

Rain in mm

Air Pressure in hPa


Weingut Würtzberg

Würtzberg 1
54455 Serrig

E-Mail: office(at)weingut-wuertzberg.de
Telephone: +49 6581 9200992
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