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Authentic wines can only be produced in high-quality vineyards with a lot of hand work and passion. We believe that great wines are made with passion and meticulous attention to detail. Felix focuses on spending a lot of time in the vineyards, using environmentally-friendly working methods, and only allows selective hand-picking during harvest time to ensure high-quality wines for customers around the world.

All our grapes are 100% hand-picked. Then, all hand-picked grapes run over a sorting table, where our employees sort the grapes by hand. From there, the grapes are gently poured into the wine press, which presses the grapes with minimal pressure for many hours. Thereafter, the must falls via gravity into the 2-story vaulted cellar (the only one in the Saar region). The grapes are vinified in small batches in wooden barrels or stainless steal tanks – an absolute commitment to quality. The wines undergo a long and steady period of fermentation. Since we do not use any additional yeast or additives, all our wines are spontaneously fermented. Once the wine is ready, we fill it during the springtime of the following year. We then give the bottled wine a few months to rest so that it can continue to mature on the bottle.

The wines have gained international recognition in short time. The wines from Weingut Würtzberg have scored +90 Points on Decanter, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator.

The wines are available in our online shop. In case you are interested in international shipment, please contact us via e-mail.

Fair'n Green - Nachhaltiger Weinbau an der Saar

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