Weingut Würtzberg

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“Große Lagen” require passion. Vineyard labour in the steep slopes is characterized by hand – and that’s exactly what we do.  We are convinced that with endurance, manual labour by hand and passion we can create authentic wines that are characterized by their respective vineyard site.

Viticulture along the Saar is known for its south-facing slate slopes in the river’s side valleys – which makes the Saar wine and also our wine so unique. The steep slopes Herrenberg and Würtzberg, which are owned by the winery Würtzberg, create a perfect combination: mineral rich, fertile, slate soils and a wonderful warmth, which is so important for the aroma found in Riesling.

Our wine requires a lot of work in the steep slopes along the Saar. Strict selection during the harvest and on the sorting table – for all our wines: Saarriesling, Auxerrois, Burgundy or Rosé. Even in the cellar, the wine is treated carefully and is either aged in wooden barrels or in stainless steel tanks. Our wines from the Saar are spontaneously fermented.


Weingut Würtzberg

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