…the first winery in the Saar Valley.

Our philosophy: producing fine wines that are influenced by the unique character of the vineyard’s parcel. And that is done with meticulous attention to detail and hand work.

GROSSE LAGEN require passion. Viticulture in the steep slopes is a lot of hand work – that’s exactly what we do. We are convinced that with patience, hand work and passion, premium authentic wines from the old vines within the steep vineyards can be produced.

The Mosel and the Saar region are known for their slate slopes facing the south in the side valleys – that is what makes Saar wine and our wine so special. The steep slopes of the Ockfener Bockstein, Serriger Herrenberg and Serriger Würtzberg, which Weingut Würtzberg solely owns, create a perfect combination: mineral-rich slate soils and a wonderful warmth, which is very important for the aroma formation in Riesling. The latter two vineyards are in the sole possession of Weingut Würtzberg and thus are so-called single monopoly vineyards.

The old sometimes even ungrafted vines in the steep slopes require a lot of work during all seasons: whether it’s in the spring, summer or autumn. When it’s time to harvest, all grapes are harvested by hand. We follow a strict selection during the harvest and at the sorting table – for all our wines: Riesling, Auxerrois, Burgundy or Rosé. In the cellar, the wines are fermented in either wooden barrels or in stainless steal tanks. The wines are fermented spontaneously.

We believe in the elegant and fine Saar Riesling, and in a wine that can spark a desire to enjoy it over and over again – in the right amount of course. Simply to produce a wine that you want to share & enjoy with family and friends. Our wines can be paired with many different dishes – especially the Riesling Kabinett with spicy Asian dishes. The Saar Rieslings are animating with a unique terroir profile and maturity potential. You can taste the craftsmanship and passion in all our wines.

“Saar Riesling par excellence!”

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