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Our vines have a planting density of about 6,000 per hectare and many are older than 50 years. Some parcels are on own rootstock – a rarity in Germany.

Classified Vineyard: Serriger Herrenberg

The Serriger Herrenberg, in the sole possession of the winery, is one of the steepest vineyards in the Saar region. Its south-southwest alignment allows for the storage of heat and sun, which is necessary for the grapes. Here, all grapes are hand-picked. The soil consists dominantly of blue slate rocks, which creates elegant Rieslings with high minerality. The steep vineyards and blue-slate soil combined with the relatively cool climate of the Saar region create a perfect environment for fine wines. These are especially great conditions for Pinot Blanc and Auxerrois, which are also planted along with Riesling. The results are soft, spicy wines that are delicate and fruity.  

Classified Vineyard: Serriger Würtzberg

With a slope of up to 60%, the Serriger Würtzberg as well as the Herrenberg have a altitude difference of almost 200 m. This monopoly-vineyard, with its higher proportion of humus layer, blended quartzite, but especially red slates (50%), produces even more powerful and indeed spicier wines than the Herrenberg. However, the wine never loses minerality and elegance. All work is performed 100% by hand. In 1986, our Pinot Noir was the first red grape planted at the Saar – in the warmest and steepest part of the Würtzberg.


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