The history of the vineyard von Schorlemer at Würtzberg began with the planting of the first grape in today’s Würtzberg by Hyazinthe Puricelli in 1898. Her son-in-law, Clemens Baron von Schorlemer zu Lieser, a Prussian Secretary of Agriculture, expanded the winery and began building the necessary facilities. Today, the winery together with its vineyards, residential house, courtyard and the arched, two-story cellar comprising a double-rowed wagon vault are listed as a state historic site under the name “Denkmalzone Würtzberg”. Until the end of the 1960s the von Schorlemer family lived on the premises and operated the winery. Bert Simon from Kasel then took over the business and after 38 years, handed it over to Dr. Jochen Siemens before the Heimes family took over in 2016.


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