Estate Wine


This wine has a brilliant color. Fruit flavors of wild strawberry, cherry and raspberry literally sprout out of the glass. Fruity and fresh in the taste. Great, uncomplicated Rosé. Ideal for drinking in the summer.


Auxerrois belongs to the Burgundy family and is a rarity at the Saar. Juicy apple fruit with a subtle acidity. Great for those looking for a lower-acid wine. One of the most popular wines in our assortment.

Pinot Blanc

Our Pinot Blanc finds it origin from the oldest Pinot Blanc plant located at the Saar. The slate always gives it a mineral touch. Enormous richness of taste combined with fine acidity and seductive melt. Juicy and fresh.

Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir was planted in 1986. Just like most burgundies, it is fermented in large wooden barrels and then aged in smaller wooden barrels. Silky and soft, yet elegant with depth and power. Our Pinot Noir 2015 is one of the best Pinot Noirs at the Moselle.

Scivaro (mideval German for Slate)

…and this is exactly how it should taste. This Riesling is the flagship of the winery. A cuvée from the Würtzberg and Herrenberg, often with Spätlese or Auslese level of maturity. With delicate nature, well-roundedness and unmatched freshness, the Scivaro provides great drinking pleasure.

Ortswein (local wine)

Terra Saar

The idea behind “Terra Saar” is to create a dry and authentic Riesling from steep, slate vineyards, which adequately reflects the character of a Saar Riesling through its elegance and minerality.

Pinot Blanc ‘R’

The ,R’ stands for Reserve. This rich wine is made from carefully selected grapes. The wine then gains great structure and depth through a long aging process in wood barrels.

Lagenwein (Würtzberg)

Alte Kupp

An unique lot at a highly sun-exposed location above the Würtzberg with a distinct microclimate. There, the grapes ripen slower and can develop their distinct fruit aroma. Conceived as a Riesling Kabinett, these grapes yield a rich and fruity wine with an exotic scent.


The rare red slate gives this wine a mineral spiciness. Powerful, gripping, but never exhausting. Perfect balance. Unmistakably Würtzberg.

Spätlese ‘T’

The ,T’ stands for a refined dry (,trocken’ in German) taste that doesn’t rely on clearly defined analytical values. The grapes for this wine come from our best parcels and are hand-selected.

Alte Reben

From 50 year old, own-rooted Riesling vines. Complex and profound on the one hand, subtle and delicate on the other. An exceptional wine.

Our Best?

Lagenwein (Herrenberg)


A classic from the Herrenberg with playful, polished minerality paired with fine aromas. Unmatched clarity. Seductive. What’s your type? Rotschiefer or Blauschiefer?


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