Scivaro (means “slate” in mideval German)

…and this is exactly how it should taste. This Riesling is the flagship of the winery. A cuvée from the Würtzberg and Herrenberg, often with Spätlese or Auslese level of maturity. With delicate nature, well-roundedness and unmatched freshness, the Scivaro provides great drinking pleasure.

Terra Saar

The idea behind “Terra Saar” is to create a dry and authentic Riesling from both steep, slate vineyards, which adequately reflects the character of a Saar Riesling through its elegance and minerality.

Alte Kupp

An unique lot at an exposed location above the Würtzberg with a distinct microclimate. There, the grapes ripen slower and can develop their distinct c fruit aroma. Conceived as a Riesling Kabinett, these grapes yield a rich and fruity wine with an exotic scent.

Spätlese ‚T

The ,T’ stands for a refined dry (,trocken’ in German) taste that doesn’t rely on clearly defined  analytical values. The grapes for this wine come from our best parcels and are hand-selected.

Pinot Blanc ‚R‘

The ,R’ stands for Reserve. This rich wine is made from carefully selected grapes, which gains great structure and depth through a long aging process in wood barrels.

Please note: Currently, the wines of the vintages 2015 and earlier are sold under the „Weingut Dr. Siemens“ label.


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